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BEILI Natural Makeup Brushes

BEILI Natural Makeup Brushes

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 Specification Details
Quantity 12/14/15/18 Pieces
Used With Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Sets & Kits, Eyebrow Brush
Item Type Makeup Brush
Size Pro Length
Number of Pieces 12/15/14/18pcs
Brush Material

Synthetic Hair

Soft Goat Pony Hair

Goat Hair

Horse Hair

Handle Material Wood
Color Black/Pink/Red/White
Option 1 Natural Pink 19pcs
Option 2 NO LOGO 15pcs
Option 3 Red 12pcs
Option 4 With LOGO 15pcs
Option 7 Vegan 18pcs
Set Contains

1- Concealer-TL:17.3cm HL:1.9cm

2- Eye shader-TL:17cm HL:1.7cm

3- Eyerow-TL:16.6cm HL:0.5cm

4- Smudger-TL:16.8cm HL:0.8cm

5- Petit crease-TL:17.6cm HL:1.6cm

6- Cream shader-TL:17.5cm HL:1.5cm

7- Eye pencil-TL:17cm HL:0.9cm

8- Eye blending-TL:17.7cm HL:1.7cm

9- Eye blender-TL:17cm HL:1cm

10- Eye definer-TL:17.6cm HL:1.4cm

11- Smoky shader-TL:17.2cm HL:1.2cm

12- Eye crease-TL:17.8cm HL:1.8cm

13- Detail liner-TL:17cm HL:0.5cm

14- Eyebrow-TL:17cm HL:0.5cm

15- Detail shader-TL:17.4cm HL:0.8cm



  • Enhanced Makeup Application: Elevate your beauty routine with brushes designed for specific makeup needs.
  • Professional Results: Pro-length design and premium materials ensure precise and flawless results.
  • Personalized Choices: Options in colors and sets allow you to tailor your makeup tools to your preferences.
  • Comfortable Handling: High-quality wood handles provide a comfortable grip for effortless application.
  • Cruelty-Free Beauty: A vegan 18pcs set offers an ethical option without compromising on quality.


  • Concealer Brush (TL:17.3cm HL:1.9cm):
  • Use to apply concealer under the eyes, on blemishes, or any areas that need extra coverage.

    Blend the edges gently for a seamless finish.

  • Eye Shader Brush (TL:17cm HL:1.7cm):
  • Ideal for applying base eyeshadow on the eyelids. Sweep the color evenly across the entire lid for a smooth base.

  • Eyebrow Brush (TL:16.6cm HL:0.5cm):
  • Perfect for defining and shaping eyebrows.

    Use short, precise strokes to fill in and shape the eyebrows.

  • Smudger Brush (TL:16.8cm HL:0.8cm):
  • Great for smudging eyeliner or applying eyeshadow along the lower lash line.

    Achieve a smoky or smudged effect for a sultry look.

  • Petit Crease Brush (TL:17.6cm HL:1.6cm):
  • Designed for detailed crease work.

    Apply and blend eyeshadow in the crease for added dimension.

  • Cream Shader Brush (TL:17.5cm HL:1.5cm):
  • Use for applying cream eyeshadows or highlighting the brow bone.

    Ensure even application and blending for a seamless finish.

  • Eye Pencil Brush (TL:17cm HL:0.9cm):
  • Ideal for precise application of eyeliner or eyeshadow along the lash line.

    Create a defined and bold eye look.

  • Eye Blending Brush (TL:17.7cm HL:1.7cm):
  • Blend eyeshadow seamlessly in the crease for a soft transition.

    Achieve a well-blended and polished eye makeup look.

  • Eye Blender Brush (TL:17cm HL:1cm):
  • Softly blend eyeshadow for a more diffused and natural look.

    Perfect for creating a gradient effect on the eyelids.

  • Eye Definer Brush (TL:17.6cm HL:1.4cm):
  • Ideal for defining the eyes with precise lines. Use for eyeliner application or to define the outer corners of the eyes.

  • Smoky Shader Brush (TL:17.2cm HL:1.2cm):
  • Create a smoky eye effect by applying and blending eyeshadow in the outer corners.

    Blend for a sultry and dramatic look.

  • Eye Crease Brush (TL:17.8cm HL:1.8cm):
  • Perfect for defining the crease with precision. Blend eyeshadow for depth and dimension in the eye crease.

  • Detail Liner Brush (TL:17cm HL:0.5cm):
  • Ideal for creating fine lines and intricate details. Perfect for eyeliner application or adding small accents to your eye makeup.

  • Eyebrow Brush (TL:17cm HL:0.5cm):
  • Use for grooming and shaping eyebrows. Comb through brows for a polished and neat appearance.

  • Detail Shader Brush (TL:17.4cm HL:0.8cm):
  • Perfect for applying eyeshadow to smaller areas, such as the inner corners or under the lower lash line. Add detail and precision to your eye makeup.


    1. Wet the bristles with clean water. (below 36℃)
    2. Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser
    3. Gently massage the tips of the bristles in your palm.
    4. Rinse the bristles.
    5. Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.
    6. Reshape and let it dry upside down
    7. Please avoid touching the water directly with the wooden handle during the whole cleaning


    • No hair dryer
    • No sun exposure
    • Mid wash
    • Keep dry


    • Synthetic Hair
    • Soft Goat Pony Hair
    • Goat Hair
    • Horse Hair
    • Wood
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