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Collection: Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a cosmetic essential for defining eyes. Explore our eye shadows, including metallic, pink and green, matte, black, and natural shades. Brittany Cosmetics leads with high-quality eye shadow palettes. Rich in pigments, our shadows offer diverse finishes like sparkler, cream, and matte. Utilizing unique harvesting methods, our shadows guarantee longevity and vibrant colour. The blendable formulation allows versatility for subtle day looks or bold night appearances. Natural and sophisticated shades ensure seamless transitions, while rich neon pigments make a bold statement. Our eye shadow palette encompasses all your dream looks, from bright blues to earthy greens. Long-lasting and cruelty-free, Brittany's eye shadows cater to makeup enthusiasts, providing a high-end experience without compromising quality. Complete your collection with our eye shadow brush and colour wheel for eye shadow precision.


How do you apply eye shadow makeup?

To apply eye shadow makeup, start with an eye primer, then use a brush to apply the base shade on the eyelid. Add depth with a darker shade in the crease and blend. Highlight the brow bone and inner corner for a complete look.

Can eye shadow cause tired eyes?

While eye shadow doesn't cause tired eyes, improper removal or sensitivity to certain ingredients might contribute. Ensure thorough cleansing and consider hypoallergenic options if you experience discomfort.

Can I use eye shadow as lipstick?

Yes, eye shadow can be used as a lipstick by mixing it with a clear gloss, balm or nude shade to create a custom lip shade. However, be cautious about potential skin sensitivity and opt for eye-safe products.

Can I use eye shadow on nails?

Eye shadow can be used on nails to create unique nail art. Simply mix the eye shadow pigment with clear nail polish or apply it directly onto wet polish for creative and personalized nail colour.

Can I use eye shadow as a blusher?

Yes, eye shadow can be used as a blush substitute by lightly applying and blending it on the apples of your cheeks. Ensure it's safe for skin application and suits your complexion.

Can I wear eye shadow with lash extensions?

Yes, you can wear eye shadow with lash extensions, but choose oil-free formulas and be gentle during removal to preserve the lash extensions.

How to apply cream eye shadow?

Apply cream eye shadow using your fingertip or an eye brush, starting from the centre of the eyelid and blending outward. Use gentle strokes for a smooth and even application.

How to apply eye shadow for beginners?

Begin with neutral shades, use good-quality brushes and practice blending. Start with a light hand and gradually build intensity. Focus on mastering basic techniques before experimenting with bold looks.

How to apply eye shadow on small eyes?

Use lighter shades on the lid, a medium shade in the crease, and a light shade on the brow bone to create the illusion of more enormous eyes. Avoid heavy application and opt for subtle, blended looks.

How to apply a smokey eye shadow?

Apply a dark shadow on the lid, blend it into the crease, and extend it slightly beyond the outer corner. Add a lighter shade on the brow bone and inner corner. Blend thoroughly for a seamless, smokey effect.

How to apply eye shadow primer?

Apply a small amount of eye shadow primer on the eyelids before makeup application. Blend evenly and let it set to create a smooth base, ensuring long-lasting and crease-free eye shadow.

How to apply eye shadow with a finger?

Use your fingertip to apply eye shadow for a quick and easy application. Gently pat or swipe the colour onto the eyelid and blend as needed for a natural or bold look.

How to apply shadow under the eye?

Use a small brush to apply a light or dark shadow under the eye, depending on your desired look. Blend softly for a subtle effect or create a defined line for a more dramatic appearance.

How do you choose eye shadow colours based on skin tone?

Consider warm tones like browns and golds for warm undertones and cool tones like blues and silvers for cool undertones. Experiment to find shades that complement your unique skin tone.

How to fix broken eye shadow powder?

Crush the broken eye shadow into a fine powder, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and mix until it forms a paste. Press the mixture back into the pan and let it dry to restore the eye shadow.

How long does eye shadow last?

The longevity of eye shadow depends on factors like formula, application technique, and environmental conditions. On average, well-applied eye shadow can last throughout the day, but touch-ups may be needed for prolonged wear.