Where to Apply Highlighter: Beginner’s Beauty Guide

Do you know, where to apply highlighters? Highlighter is an essential component of your beauty routine that can add a touch of glow and color to your face. Knowing where to use them will help enhance your features and create a more natural, dewy look. It should be applied to the high points on your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid’s bow, as a subtly shimmery layer that will catch the light. With the right techniques and quality products, you can perfect your look with a glowing complexion.

What Does Highlighter Actually Do?

Highlighter in beauty products is used to enhance facial features by adding a subtle glow on areas such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow. It helps to bring light to the face and make features appear more defined. It is also used to create the illusion of a natural lift, making facial features like the eyes and brows look more defined and sculpted.

Where To Apply Highlighter

It is important to use a light, circular motion on top of areas of the face that light would naturally hit. Such places include the top of the cheekbones, the high points of the brow bone, and down the center of the bridge of the nose. Here are some makeup tips about where and how to apply highlighter.


Dabbing a small amount of product onto the highest point of your cheek, blending upwards and outwards. Use a synthetic brush or small beauty blender to blend out the highlighter and make sure it blends in seamlessly with your skin tone. Keep blending until you're happy with the results.

Brow bone

Filling in the brows with a pencil or powder for definition. Then, use a small brush to lightly apply the highlighter along the bridge of the brow, softly blending it up towards the brow bone. Gently tap the brush over the brow bone area to ensure a seamless finish, and use a clean brush to soften any harsh lines.

The inner corner of the eyes

Apply a little bit of the highlight in the very corner of the eyes near the tear duct, and then use circular motions to blend it outwards towards the outer corner. It's important to apply a light coat of highlighter, as too much will make it look overly done.

Bridge of the nose

Put a small amount on the tip of the nose and blend outward. Using your ring finger, blend in gentle circles toward the forehead. Finish off by tapping the area with your fingertip to blur the highlighter.

Cupid's bow

open up your highlighter and lightly dab the product onto the bridge of your Cupid's bow. Blend it out with your finger or a small eyeshadow brush, ensuring the product has been properly blended. Once blended, use the same technique and apply it to the top of the two peaks of your Cupid's bow.


Starting from the mid chin, brush from side to side in one swift motion, slowly moving up and down the chin area. The highlighter should be focused predominantly on the upper part of the chin for a more natural result. Apply a light touch and build up the product if desired. Use the same brush to blend in circular motions to ensure the product is fully blended.


dusting your chosen highlighter powder on the collarbone area, starting at the shoulder blades and brushing out to the top of the cleavage. Then, use a damp beauty blender or make-up brush to lightly press in and blend the powder.


Start by applying a light dusting of highlighter to the high points of each shoulder. Use a fluffy brush to blend it in and make sure each application is even in coverage. Then, take a denser brush and lightly build up the colour, re-applying until the desired colour.

Amount of Highlighter

For makeup, it is best not to use a large amount of highlighter. Generally, a small dab applied to the highest points on the face is recommended. For example, you may use a light application of highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, the inner corners of your eyes, and the cupid's bow above your upper lip.

When To Apply Highlighter?

Highlighter should be applied after the foundation. Make sure to blend and buff your foundation, then use your highlighter.

Where Should You Avoid Applying Highlighter?

You should avoid applying highlighter to areas that already naturally shine, like your cheeks and nose. Applying the product to these areas can look unnatural and can make your skin look shiny and greasy.

What type of highlighter is best?

Liquid highlighters tend to provide the most natural, illuminated look for makeup. Cream highlighters offer a more intense, pigmented effect, while powder highlighters provide an ultra-shiny glow. You can select as per your personal preferences and choice.   When it comes to deciding where to apply highlighters, one should be sure to consider where to place them in order to bring out the desired glow and look. Highlighter should be applied to the highest points of the face, such as the cheekbone, brow bone, and the bridge of the nose. Furthermore, colors should be chosen to either match the natural skin tones or to add a pop of color. When using blush and highlighter, one should never forget to use a light hand for a natural-looking effect.   Read for more info here: 1- The Best Blusher Brush For An Ideal Look 2- Best Tips on How to Apply Blushers Perfectly 3- Using Best 21 Different Types of Makeup Brushes: Must Know How to Look Flawless

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