12 Most Popular Simple Eye Makeup For Perfect Looks

12 Most Popular Simple Eye Makeup For Perfect Looks

Simple eye makeup can be a daunting task if you’re unsure of the basics. There are so many different products and techniques that it can be intimidating to the novice. Luckily, there are a few simple eye makeup looks that are popular and easy to master.  From a subtle, soft smokey eye to a bold, dramatic cut-crease, these 12 Most Popular Simple Eyecare Makeup looks are perfect for every occasion and provide that polished look you're aiming for. From shimmery and neutral to colorful and daring, these eye makeup looks to provide you with the perfect combination of versatility and polish. So be prepared to unleash your imagination and step up your eye makeup skills!   

Neutral Brown Smokey Eye

Achieve a timeless beauty look with this neutral brown smokey eye that is perfect for any occasion. 

  • Start by softly sweeping a matte brown eyeshadow across the lids and crease, then amplify the hue at the outer corner of the eye for a subtle smokiness. 
  • Take the same shade along your lower lash line, blending thoroughly. Then, add some sparkle to your inner corners with a shimmering champagne shadow for an illuminating finish.
  • Complete your look by applying a thin line of brown eye pencil along the top lash line and smudge it slightly to soften the shade. 
  • Then, apply a few layers of mascara to intensify your lashes. And, use a brown eyebrow pencil to define your brows.

The beige smoky simple eye makeup is an uncomplicated makeup look that is classic and ideal for daily wear, in addition to special occasions. It looks gorgeous on all eye colors, and can easily be amped up to create a more dramatic look. By adding red shades, you can create dramatic red smokey eye makeup.

Nude Matte Eye

Create an ageless aesthetic with a stunning nude matte eye makeover! So

  • Start by applying a lighter hue such as beige or ivory to the eyelids and blending towards the corners. 
  • Select a hue that harmonizes with your complexion and use it in the crease
  • Blend outwardly. 
  • To define your eyes further, take a darker color and apply it to the outer corner of each eye - then blend for perfection!
  • Finish off your makeup with a darker shade along the lower lash line and inner corner. Then, highlight your brow bone with a creamy nude shimmer to perfect your Arabian look.

By following Brittany's eye makeup instructions, you can effortlessly achieve a stylish and timeless eye makeup look that brings out your natural beauty for any event.

Fox Eye and Cat Eye Makeup

Fox eye and cat eye makeup are both popular makeup looks that emphasize the eyes. Fox eyes, also known as “kitten eyes,” are characterized by a lifted and elongated hooded shape. To achieve this look, tonal eyeshadows, like taupes and greys, are blended outwards beyond the natural eye shape.  Eyeliner is then drawn in a thin line along the lashes and extends slightly upwards to accentuate the lifted effect. A subtle highlight in the inner corners and/or under the brow can further enhance the look. Cat eye makeup, on the other hand, gives the eyes a dramatic, flirtatious feel and is characterized by sharp, graphic lines. To achieve this look, an eye pencil or an angled eyeliner brush is used to draw a thick line extending outwards beyond the eye.  The cat eye can be further accentuated with a bit of eyeshadow blended in the outer corners, as well as a few coats of mascara to make the lashes look thicker. Highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes is optional. Fox's eyes give a subtle and elegant look, while cat eyes make more of a statement. Both looks are perfect for making the eyes look bigger and more striking. You can create light blue eye makeup for blue dress by using Brittany's eye makeup kit.

Bold Bronze Simple Eye Makeup

Bronze smokey simple eye makeup is one of the most glamorous and alluring makeup looks, pushing your look from day to night in mere minutes. To create the perfect bronze smokey eye, start with a light matte shade, such as cream or beige, to even out your skin tone. Then, work a deeper shade of matte brown eyeshadow into the crease and outer corner of your eye.  Choosing a shadow with a hint of shimmer gave you an extra glam smoky eye. Then top it off with a vibrant bronze shade blended into the outer corner and lower lash line to complete the look. Lining your eyes with deep brown or black eyeliner and applying several coats of mascara will help to really complete the look. Using a highlighting brow bone shadow to draw attention to your eyes, making them appear larger and brighter. Finish with a classic nude lip to balance out the bronze smoky eye look and you’re all set. To add a bit of glitz, give the look a final touch by applying a soft champagne eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye.

Black Winged Eyeshadow Look

A black winged simple eye makeup with eyeshadow is an amazing way to add drama to your look! Achieving this look requires a sharp, even line that can be easily drawn with a felt-tip liquid eyeliner. Start by lightly lining your upper lash line with the eyeliner, focusing on getting a nice even shape.  Once your line is in place, add a thick wing to the outer edge of your lid and refine the shape with your eyeliner. For extra drama, apply black eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye and blend it into your lash line.  This will create a more intense smoky effect and make your wings stand out even more. To add even more dimension to your look, apply a lighter or even glittery eyeshadow to the center of the lid. Finish off the look by curling your lashes and adding a generous coat of mascara. 

Neutral Eyeshadow Look With the Ombre Effect

The neutral eyeshadow looks with the ombre effect is an effortless, modern way to bring out and accentuate all the natural beauty of your eyes with minimal effort. To achieve this look, start off by applying a light eyeshadow color all over your eyelids and blending out to the edges.  Take a slightly darker version of the same color and apply it to the crease to create a light ombre effect. When blending out the edges, it’s important to focus on going gently to maintain a smooth transition between the shades. Once finished, use a highlighter just under the brow bone and blend out around where the ombre effect meets the light shade. To create further depth, you can add a slightly darker color to the outer corner of your eyes, even closer to the edge of your lash line Apply two coats of mascara to provide a glossy finish. With the ombre effect, each eye can look its best while still appearing effortlessly natural.

Eye Makeup with Tape

Using tape for eye makeup is becoming a new trend!

  • Creating a dramatic eye look with minimal effort is easy when you use tape! The tape helps you create precise lines and tight edges that will keep your look in place. Although it can be tricky, these tips will help you achieve a professional eye makeup finish.
  • Applying tape to your eye area, it is best to use a soft touch. Cut out a piece of tape that matches the size and shape you want to define, then carefully remove the backing. Place the tape onto your skin with gentle pressure, avoiding any wrinkles or bunching.
  • Once the adhesive is in place, you can start applying your eye makeup. Make sure to blend your eyeshadows and eyeliners outwards beyond the tape for a professional look. Having adhered the tape, brush on a few layers of mascara to help the eye makeup blend with it seamlessly.
  • When you've finished your eye makeup, it's time to take off the tape. Utilize tweezers to gently pull the tape away from your eye area. After you have removed the tape, use a cotton bud and micellar water to clear away any excess makeup or debris.
  • Creating a spectacular eye look doesn't have to be a chore! Tape eyeliner is an uncomplicated way to get that sharp, professional finish without a lot of hassle. With some practice and a steady hand, you can easily master tape eye makeup and make your eyes the star of any show.

Simple Eye Makeup for Green Eyes and Blonde Hair

To bring out the vibrant hue of green eyes, go for a natural simple eye makeup look. To define the crease and make eyes appear lifted, try dusting on a light brown matte shadow and blending it up and out. Add depth with a glimmer of gold in the inner corners. For intensified green, apply a light green shade to the center of the lids.  Lash curling and one layer of mascara will complete the look perfectly; if you're after something more dramatic, apply a graphic liner and two coats of mascara for an outstanding finish. Simple green and gold eye makeup is perfect for daily usage.  

Rainbow Eyeshadow Look

A rainbow simple eye makeup look is a fun and colorful way to jazz up your makeup routine. It involves using eye shadows of different colors to create an eye-catching, multicolored effect. Create a look that'll turn heads and make you feel fierce with a rainbow eyeshadow look!  The proper technique allows you to achieve an appearance that will be sure to get noticed and boost your self-esteem. And here's the guideline

  • Get ready to create your own rainbow-shade masterpiece! First, select the eye shadows you would like to use and decide on the hues. Aim for a variety of shades within those colors, and don't forget to use an eye primer for easier blending and longer wear. 
  • Gather all your materials and it's time to get started. Begin by laying down a light shade of eyeshadow to form the base of your design.
  • Subsequently, arrange the colors of your eyeshadow in whatever pattern you desire - a vibrant spectrum of shades is a timeless choice but muted hues will also look great. 
  • Use a blending brush to blur any sharp edges between colors. To complete your look, apply a glittery shade in the inner corner and middle of your lid as an accent.
  • Complete your look with a few swipes of mascara, eyeliner, and volumizing mascara! You'll be stunned by how much of an improvement rainbow eyeshadow adds to any eye makeup. 

Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look meaning is one that uses a single color or variation of a single color throughout an ensemble. This look can be quite striking, as it can create a very unified and cohesive look. The monochromatic look is often used in fashion and interior design, as it creates a minimalistic, yet bold, aesthetic.  It can be achieved by using accessories, layering different textures and shades, and adding subtle and intriguing details. When creating a monochromatic makeup look, it’s important to ensure that the shades of the chosen color are complementary.  A darker and lighter shade of the same shades can create an interesting contrast that draws attention and makes for a captivating combination. If you’re looking for a bolder monochromatic look, you can also add geometric patterns, metallic features, and unexpected details that enhance the overall look. The monochromatic eye look can be adapted to any occasion, whether it’s for everyday dressing or a special event. Whether you plan to be the center of attention or not, a monochromatic look is always a sure bet to make a memorable impression.

Featuring Rhinestones Look

Rhinestone, gem, and pearl eye makeup are quickly becoming a stylish trend for those looking for extra sparkle to their look. Whether you’re attending a glamorous event or just bringing some glitz to your daily routine, these quality pieces will ensure you’re noticed for the right reasons. Adding rhinestones, gems, or pearls to your eyeliner can help accentuate the eyes and can easily be achieved with cosmetic glue. Gems and pearls can be attached singularly and in combination with larger rhinestones for a unique look, and applied externally to the eye as well as on Eyeliner/eye shadow. Ensure you use colors that complement each other and the overall look. For greater impact, fine glitter should be used in addition, adding depth and sparkle to your look. Glitter shadows along the lower lashes can transform even the simplest of makeup into something quite special. Simply the addition of a few strategically placed pieces can accentuate and highlight the eyes, giving a dramatic impact without the need for heavy makeup or eye products. For those looking for something natural or conventional, rhinestone/pearl /gem eye makeup may not be for you. However, if you're looking for something a little different, applying a few simple pieces doesn't take long and can really improve the overall level of glamour when done correctly.

Metallic Look

A metallic eye can be the ideal way to glam up your makeup look! From shining golds to sparkling silvers, these eyeshadow shades can be a great way to add some sparkle to a casual day ensemble or give an extra boost of glamour to a night-time look. To create the ideal metallic simple eye makeup, begin by smoothing on an eyeshadow primer to make sure your makeup remains in place throughout the day. Take a matte shade in a neutral tone like brown or taupe and use it as a base. This will make your shimmering hues stand out even more when you start layering them on.  Now for the fun part - choose from silvers, golds and perhaps even rose gold or bronze for some extra daring flair! Use an eyeshadow brush to sweep the metallic color onto your lid, then use a blending brush to diffuse it around your crease. To top off the look, put on some intense black eyeliner which will really bring out your gleaming shade, then finish with a few coats of mascara for dramatic effect. To keep your simple eye makeup style all day, spray or dust your look with a setting product. For that special night-time vibe or to add some extra pizazz to an ordinary outfit, opt for a sparkly eye look. Have fun mixing and matching different shades to find the perfect one for you! Brittany Cosmetics is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality eye makeup kit at an affordable price. Their products are easy to use, feature a variety of color options, and last all day. The company's fast shipping and excellent customer service make it easy to purchase its products quickly and hassle-free. Whether you’re just starting out with makeup or looking for new eye makeup products, you can’t go wrong with Brittany Cosmetics. When it comes to simple eye makeup looks, the possibilities are truly endless. From the classic smoky eye look to a dramatic cat-eye, there is an eye makeup look for any occasion.  Simple eye makeup has the power to highlight and emphasize one's natural beauty and bring emphasis to one's individual features. When done correctly, simple eye makeup can truly transform a look and make you stand out from the crowd. With a little practice and know-how, anyone can achieve an amazing eye makeup look. To know more eye looks, read here.

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