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Affiliate FAQ

5% commission for each item valid for 6 months. Shipping excluded.

When a customer uses your coupon code, the code will be attached to their account for 3 months and you will receive 5% commission for each purchase they make for each item.

You will get paid monthly via Paypal or Bank transfer depending on your preference. Affiliates will have access to how much commission they expect to receive on their dashboard by logging in to their account at

Use of Discount Code

You can promote the coupon code to your social media ie. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, or any other platform.

Please note that discount codes apply to full-price items only. Exclusions apply to sale items or seasonal promotions.

Brittany Cosmetics reserve the right to alter the commission rates affiliates receive without notice or reason.

Please read our ‘Privacy Policy’ fully before proceeding. Our Policy statement sets out basis of any personal data within General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) is collected by Brittany Cosmetics

The terms and conditions of this agreement must be kept private and confidential and thus must not be disclosed to any individual under any circumstances. It is mutually agreed upon that the terms set forth by Brittany Cosmetics remain confidential and private by all parties with the exception of requirement by statutory law. Should the agreement be broken Brittany Cosmetics reserves the right to terminate an affiliate relationship